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 Goods Electronic hardware and software: Personal Computer, Laptop, Peripherals, Business Solution, Office Solution, Network Server, Workstation, Refurbished, Tablet, Phone
 Conditions Means the terms and conditions of sale set out in this document and any special terms and conditions agreed in writing by us
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After the advent of Brexit, sourcing of products from the UK is not possible due to customs issues. All products imported and sold by Maltazon (Maltazon Now, Maltazon Quick) are coming from Europe, therefore:

-They will be supplied only and exclusively with a European plug (Type C - Type F Shuko) NO UK adapter will be provided from Maltazon.

-They will be supplied, where present, with European Keyboard (Italian Keyboard Layout) NO UK KEYBOARD will be provided from Maltazon.

If you accept the effects of Brexit and the terms and conditions contained below, no refund request for the reasons indicated in the terms and conditions can be made.

1. DEFINITIONS e-commerce multivendor/platform with exclusive intellectual property of Malta System LTD.
Buyer: means the user who has purchased one or more products on the website.
Product: means the product on sale on the website.
Maltazon Now: products available in our warehouse in Malta in prompt delivery.
Maltazon Quick: products available from the supplier, to be imported at the request of the customer, delivered in 12/15 days.
Maltazon Sellers: Products available in Malta, sold by Sellers, ready for delivery.


2.1 General Sales Conditions (GSC) govern the conditions to be applied to all orders sent and contracts concluded electronically between Malta System LTD and the Buyer within the electronic commerce system set up and operated by Malta System LTD on the website.

These GSC may be modified at any time and without notice by Malta System LTD and shall be binding on the Buyer from the time of their publication.

2.2 The sales system is only allowed to persons who have reached the age of 18 (eighteen) at the time of the order. By purchasing on the Website, the Buyer declares that he is of legal age.

2.3 The Purchaser, by sending the order electronically, confirms that he has read the GSC and accepts it and agrees to waive the application of any conditions of purchase.


The following payment methods are available for the purchase of products on website:

Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro, BOV Visa (no Cashlink), BANIF Visa, HSBC Mastercard, PostaPay Maltapost, Revolut Mastercard, Revolut Virtual Visa, Revolut Virtual Mastercard, N26 Mastercard, Monese Mastercard, BlackCatCard Mastercard, Tranferwise Mastercard, MYPOS Visa, Neteller Mastercard, Skrill Mastercard, Bank Transfer (Min. € 500) and Maltazon Gift Cards

3.1 Credit and Debit Cards

Your credit institution may request verification of payment made by credit or debit card. Online sellers are changing their payment policies. When you process your order or select the “Buy Now” on the product details page, you may be redirected to the bank’s website for payment verification.

Maltazon’s security standards are high, but to further increase them your bank may provide you with payment verification instructions. This new experience applies only to certain purchases, payments and registrations.

To complete payment verification by credit card:

I. Follow the instructions on your bank’s website.
II. The bank may request verification by means of a unique security code. Check your email or phone to retrieve the code and enter it when prompted.
III. Alternatively, the bank may ask you to verify your purchase using facial or fingerprint recognition technologies, if available.

At the end of the operation, you will be redirected to and you will receive confirmation that your order has been successful.

Verification is required each time you use a credit or debit card to place an order or a new registration and may be required if you change the payment method.

3.2 Bank Transfer

The order confirmation email indicates the bank details of Malta System LTD to be used to make the payment. The Customer must report, in the notes of the accounting officer, the reference number of the order.

To speed up the delivery time, it is advisable to send the accountant including TRN (Transaction Reference Number) by e-mail to [email protected]

In the absence of receipt of the bank transfer within 3 (three) calendar days from the date of placing the order, the order will be cancelled without further notice.

After receiving the payment confirmation will be sent by email and the order will then be processed.

All payments will be made to as Malta System LTD without the customer being able to make any compensation, deduction or other claim. In case of non-payment of the price due by the customer within 3 days from the execution of the order, the sales contract will be deemed concluded.

3.3 Maltazon Gift Card 

You can buy "Maltazon Gift Card".

You can choose to purchase your "Maltazon Gift Card" either through the website with the accepted payment methods, or by collecting your Gift Card at our office in Triq l-Arkata l-Baxxa Central Business District) Zone 3 Mriehel Birkirkara, CBD 3110.

The "Maltazon Gift Card" can only be used to purchase products found on the website.

The remaining balance of the "Maltazon Gift Card" will be displayed on the beneficiary’s "Account Wallet", after the beneficiary has inserted the 10-digit code inside the "Maltazon Gift Card".

When an order is placed, the order total will be deducted from the "Account Wallet" balance. If the order total is greater than the balance available in "Account Wallet", the difference will be integrated by selecting a single payment method available at check-out.

The "Maltazon Gift Card" are valid for one year from the date of issue. The "Maltazon Gift Card" uploaded to "Account Wallet" has no expiry date and is linked to the maintenance of your personal account. In case of a request to close your personal account, the funds available in "Account Wallet" will not be refunded, transferred or liquidated.

The "Maltazon Gift Card" cannot be used to purchase other Gift Cards, they cannot be reloaded, resold, converted into cash or refunded.

The "Maltazon Gift Card" purchased on the website, being digital products, are not subject to the right of withdrawal, cannot be returned, not partially or fully refunded. After the purchase, the issue of the 10-digit code takes place instantaneously, so cancellation can not be requested.

The risk of loss and the ownership of a "Maltazon Gift Card" shall be transferred to the buyer or the designated recipient, as the case may be. We will not be liable for any loss, theft, destruction or unauthorised use by you of the "Maltazon Gift Card".


General conditions of shipments

Items sold on can only be shipped to Malta and Gozo.

• Orders placed on containing "Maltazon Now" and "Maltazon Quick" are sent by Express Courier to the delivery address indicated by the user during the order. For our shipments of products "Maltazon Now" and "Maltazon Quick" we use different couriers, chosen according to the coverage of the territory and the services offered.  At the time of the order, our computerized logistics system will identify the most suitable courier in terms of service, also in view of the geographical area of destination of delivery. For this reason it is not possible to choose at the time of order the preferred courier. As soon as the order is shipped, the system will send an email to the email address provided to communicate the departure of the shipment.

• Orders placed on containing products sold by "Sellers" will be handled according to the shipping policy dictated by the Sellers.

4.2 Delivery time

The delivery time depends on the destination and the type of product purchased. We would like to point out that in general delivery times may vary due to force majeure (absence of the recipient, blocking of circulation, atmospheric events).

• The delivery time of "Maltazon Now" products is 24/48 hours for Malta and 72 hours for Gozo.
• The delivery time of "Maltazon Quick" products will be delivered within 12 working days if the reference destination is Malta, within 15 
working days to Gozo, working days not included Saturday and Sunday.

• The items on but sold by the "Sellers" will be handled according to the shipping schedule dictated by the Sellers.

4.3 Shipping costs

• The delivery costs of all products "Maltazon Now" and "Maltazon Quick" are borne by the Buyer. The total amount of transport costs is €3.90 for Malta and €8.90 for Gozo.
• The delivery costs of all "Sellers" products on are borne by the Buyer and will be managed according to the cost policy dictated by the Sellers. Before purchasing any "Sellers" product on, check the shipping conditions and costs and return. For more information, we advise you to check directly at checkout the individual shipping costs explicitly indicated in the order summary form in point 3 (SHIPPING METHOD).

4.4 Shipping procedures

Within the customer area the status of the order is always indicated. As soon as the shipment is entrusted to the courier, the order status will be updated in "Shipped". As soon as the courier confirms the delivery, the order status will be updated in "Delivered".

The courier in charge of the delivery will notify the customer by telephone, before making the delivery, to the number indicated by the customer at the time of purchase. The phone call made by the courier can in no case be considered or managed as delivery by appointment. The phone call made by the courier is to be considered a delivery notice. If the customer does not confirm the availability at delivery or does not respond to any of the phone calls made during the day, the courier will not be required to make any delivery attempt. If a telephone contact cannot be established within three days of the shipment, The customer can collect the product exclusively at our pickup point and the shipping costs will not be refunded as necessary to cover the costs of the courier.

4.5 Protection of customer’s rights

At the time of delivery of the goods by the courier, as a good rule for the protection of their rights, the customer is invited to carry out some normal checks: that the packaging is intact, not damaged, wet or otherwise altered, even in the closing materials (duct tape, metal straps, etc.).

If any damage to the packaging and/or the product is noticed or the number of packages is not matched, the customer must immediately contest them at the time of delivery by the courier. The procedure provides for the reservation of written and specific control, describing the type of damage found on the proof of delivery of the courier.

Once signed the document of the courier, without having specified detailed reservation written as from our indications, the customer will not be able to oppose any contestation about the external characteristics of what delivered.

If the packaging is obviously intact and after opening the customer should find defects or damage, is required to keep the original packaging in order to allow Malta System LTD to open a complaint of hidden damage with the courier: this will allow Malta System LTD to reimburse or replace the purchased goods. The relative communication must happen within and not more than 48 hours from the moment of the reception of the goods through the appropriate section "Contact us" on the site

We invite the customer to comply with the rule that does not throw the original packaging, if there are damage to the product; in fact, the customer will be asked for photos of the original box and all its components. We will NOT accept claims of products with non-original packaging.


The "Maltazon Pickup Point" allows Maltazon customers to pick up, in a different way from the classic courier delivery, the products purchased on the site

It is possible to withdraw any type of product on the website marked with the tags "Maltazon Now" and "Maltazon Quick". The purchase of products labeled "Sellers" will be managed according to the shipping policies dictated by the Sellers.

Currently the only headquarters " Maltazon Pickup Point" is located in Triq l-Arkata l-Baxxa (Central Business District) Zone 3 Mriehel Birkirkara, CBD 3110.

The only accepted means of payment is prepayment and online by card or bank transfer. We do not accept any kind of payment at the "Maltazon Pickup Point".

Shipping costs for those who decide to collect at the " Maltazon Pickup Point " will be reset to zero.

Customers who choose the Pickup mode will be notified, by SMS or e-mail, of the availability of the goods at the " Maltazon Pickup Point ".

Withdrawal is allowed on the following days and times

Monday - Friday is:

9:30 - 18:30

Saturday - Sunday is:

10:30 - 18:30

There are no time limits to the collection of the purchased goods.


6.1 Legal warranty of compliance

All new and reconditioned Products sold on the Website are covered by the European Law on Legal Warranty of Conformity. The Legal warranty is only applicable within the territory of Malta.

The warranty period for new products is 2 years (24 months), while for reconditioned products 1 year (12 months), starting from date received tax. The Legal warranty is thus reserved, only to consumers, that is to the Customers who have made the purchase on the Site for purposes unrelated to the entrepreneurial, commercial, craft or professional activity eventually carried out. For all activities listed above that require an invoice, a warranty limited to 1 year (12 months) will be applied, starting from the invoice date.

Malta System LTD is only liable to the consumer for products sold and shipped by Maltazon with the exclusion of liability for products sold by "Sellers" on

Malta System LTD is responsible for any lack of conformity that exists at the time of delivery of the product and that occurs within two years of such delivery (except for reconditioned products, as written above). The lack of conformity must be reported to the seller, under penalty of forfeiture of the warranty, within two months from the date on which it was discovered. Unless there is evidence to the contrary, any lack of conformity which becomes apparent within six months of the delivery of the products shall be presumed to have existed at that date, unless that assumption is incompatible with the nature of the product or the nature of the lack of conformity. From the seventh month following the delivery of the product, it will be the responsibility of the consumer to prove that the lack of conformity already existed at the time of delivery of the product.

In order to benefit from the Legal warranty, the Customer must first provide proof of the date of purchase and delivery of the goods. It is therefore appropriate that the Customer, for the purpose of such proof, keep the purchase receipt or any other document that can attest to the date of the purchase (for example, the credit card statement or bank statement).

Any failure or malfunction caused by accidental events or by the Customer’s responsibility or by a use of the product that does not conform to its intended use are excluded from the scope of the Legal Warranty. (For more details see section 6.3 Return Merchandise Authorization).

In case of lack of conformity duly reported in the terms, the Customer has the right:

• primarily, the repair or replacement of the goods, free of charge, at its choice, unless the remedy requested is objectively impossible or excessively expensive compared to the other*;

• as a secondary measure, upon termination of the contract.

**The remedy required is excessively burdensome if it imposes unreasonable costs on the seller in comparison with alternative remedies that may be put in place, taking into account the value that the asset would have if there were no lack of conformity and the extent of the lack of conformity.

If a product purchased on the Site, during the period of validity of the Legal warranty, manifests what could be a lack of conformity, the Customer must send to appropriate notice. reserves the right to ask the Customer to attach to the request the purchase receipt or other document that proves the date of completion of the purchase. The Customer Service will promptly respond to the communication of the Customer, indicating which subsequent steps must take.

6.2 Conventional Producer Warranty

All products sold on, as well as being covered by the Legal Warranty, are covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty that is applicable throughout Europe. The Manufacturer’s Warranty is added, but does not replace the Legal Warranty of 24 months, however, due to the right of the consumer, under the conditions provided by law. Duration, territorial extension and how to enforce this warranty are reported in the appropriate form, drawn up by the manufacturer. If the Customer decides to make use of the Manufacturer’s Warranty, the consumer will be able to identify through the customer service of the Manufacturer, the authorized Technical Service Center closest to its geographical area.

6.3 Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

In cases where the assistance for a defective product is not provided directly by the Manufacturer it is necessary to complete the RMA-Maltazon form. The service department will issue the RMA number with all indications for packaging and shipment.

From the moment in which the RMA procedure is started, the Customer will have 14 working days (excluding Saturday and Sunday) to ship or to deliver, at his expense, the defective product.

The Customer must send the goods to head office, in Triq l-Arkata l-Baxxa Central Business District) Zone 3 Mriehel Birkirkara, CBD 3110.

If the shipment by the Customer does not take place within 14 working days, the RMA request will be cancelled and you will have to proceed with a new request. In case the customer does not make a new request, the package will be rejected.

The repair times of the product can vary from a minimum of 7 working days (excluding Saturday and Sunday) to a maximum of 30 working days (excluding Saturday and Sunday).

The repaired product will be available for pick-up at our headquarters in Triq l-Arkata l-Baxxa Central Business District) Zone 3 Mriehel Birkirkara, CBD 3110, free of charge. In case of request of shipment of the product (ad. example for Gozo), the costs related to the shipment will be charged exclusively to the customer and the shipping procedure of the product will begin only after the payment by the customer relating to the shipment.

If repair is not possible, the product will be replaced with an equivalent or higher one. In case of difficulties in finding the product, Malta System LTD has the right to comply with the warranty Conditions by means of a Credit Note and refund to the buyer of the current market price of the product.

The warranty does not cover:

- Products not including packaging, accessories, original manuals, cables and anything else was present at the time of purchase; products received with external packaging not suitable or inadequate and therefore damaged during transport.
- Damage due to non-use of the original packaging and adequate protective outer safety packaging not authorised by the service centre.
- If the product is tampered with or the labels and seals identifying the Serial or Part Number are removed or tampered with.

The Warranty is also not applicable to products that have been damaged or made defective as a result of:

- Accidental occurrence, incorrect use, inappropriate use, contamination, incorrect or inadequate maintenance or calibration or as a result of other external causes;
- Use outside the parameters specified in the documentation for the user supplied with the product;
-  Inadequate preparation or maintenance of the place of use;
- Virus infection;
- Loss or damage from transport;
- Modification or technical intervention not carried out by the Malta System Assistance Centre LTD.

Malta System LTD is not liable for any damage resulting from failure to comply with the product instructions.

From the intervention in Warranty on Hard Disk or various storage devices it is excluded the possible saving of data owned by the Customer or uninstallation of Software. Malta System LTD will not be responsible for the loss of data on the product being serviced.

The customer should periodically make backup copies (backups) of the data contained in the hard drive or other storage devices as a precautionary measure against possible failures, alterations or loss of data. Before returning a product for repairs, back up your data and remove any confidential, proprietary or personal data. Malta System LTD shall not be liable for loss of programs, data or removable storage media; nor shall it be responsible for restoring or reinstalling programs or data other than the software installed at the factory. It is possible that the data stored in the hard drive of a drive sent for repair is deleted and the programs are returned to their original settings.

Conventionally, any right of the Customer to damages or indemnifications as well as any contractual or non-contractual liability for direct or indirect damages to persons and/or property is excluded. In the event of changes to the Warranty Conditions, Malta System LTD shall apply the Warranty Conditions for products in force at the time of purchase of the Customer.

7.  THE RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL guarantees the consumer the possibility of exercising the right of withdrawal, provided that the customer is a consumer, that is a natural person who purchases the goods for purposes not related to his professional activity, or make the purchase NOT indicating in the order form a reference of VAT number: in this case the Customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract for any reason, without any penalty and except as indicated in the following points.

7.1 Conditions for the applicability of the right of withdrawal.

The right of withdrawal is applicable to all products marked with the "Maltazon Now" tag. "Maltazon Quick" products are excluded from the right of withdrawal because they are imported at the request of the customer. For all "Sellers" products, the right of withdrawal will be managed according to the withdrawal policies dictated by the Sellers.

In general, no return of items will be permitted without the prior written consent of In addition:

• the right applies to the product purchased in its entirety; it is not possible to exercise withdrawal only on part of the product purchased (eg: accessories, software attachments, etc.);
• The right does not apply, following their opening or breach of factory seal, to audiovisual products, consumables, sealed computer software (including those attached to hardware), electromedical equipment for body care, sanitary products, those subject to customization at the request of the customer.
• The purchased goods must also be absolutely intact, sealed, not tampered with and returned in the original packaging, complete in all its parts (including packaging and any documentation and accessories: manuals, cables, etc.).

The property subject to the exercise of the right of withdrawal must be returned in the normal state of conservation and it is necessarily mandatory that it has been kept and used with the use of normal diligence: Therefore, used products that show signs of damage, dirt and wear will not be accepted and therefore can no longer be considered intact and saleable.

7.2 Shipping costs in right of withdrawal

The shipping costs related to the return of the goods, upon acceptance of the right of withdrawal, are charged to the Customer.

The shipment, until the confirmation of receipt at the head office, is under the full responsibility of the customer. In case of damage to the goods during transport, will inform the customer of the event (within 3 working days from receipt of the goods), in order to allow him to lodge a timely complaint with the courier chosen by him and obtain the refund of the value of the property (if insured); in this case, the product will be made available to the customer for its return, at the same time cancelling the withdrawal request.

7.3 Limitation of the right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal does not apply to professionals and companies to which an invoice has been issued, as they are not considered as "private consumers". The law excludes from the right of withdrawal all contracts with a value of less than Euro 50 (fifty).

7.4 How to make the request

Within 15 working days (excluding Saturday and Sunday), calculated from the delivery of the goods, the customer must inform that he wants to use the right of withdrawal through the appropriate form "Contact us" on Otherwise the notice of withdrawal will not be considered valid.

7.5 Refund time

Once the status of the goods has been received and verified, Maltazon will issue a Credit Note equal to the amount paid by the Customer for the purchase of the product. Within 30 days of receipt of the product at our Maltazon head office, the credit note will be refunded if the Customer does not decide to purchase a product of the same amount.

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