Amazon Ethernet Adapter for Amazon Fire TV Devices

Amazon Ethernet Adapter for Amazon Fire TV Devices

Amazon Fire TV
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  • Slow or weak Wi-Fi connection? Take advantage of the speed and reliability of wired internet.
  • Easy to set up – simply connect the Amazon Ethernet Adapter into the USB port on your Fire TV and plug in an Ethernet cable directly from your router.
  • Compatible with Fire TV Stick (2nd Gen), Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube, and Amazon Fire TV (3rd Gen, Pendant Design).
  • 10/100 Ethernet
3 Items

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Does exactly the job it should

If, like me, you have a borderline irrational hatred of WiFi and want to connect everything by cable, these will perfectly fit that niche in your life.

I would always say that if a device doesn’t move, you ought to get a cable to it. WiFi has its uses, but that should only ever be for mobile devices. Smartphones, tablets and laptops should use WiFi. Other devices should use Ethernet. These devices are inexpensive and allow you to connect your fire stick up by Ethernet.


Essential for poor WiFi zones

I found after purchasing the updated Fire Stick (with Alexa), that the WiFi signal kept dropping out in the rooms I had installed it. After finding that these rooms were a bit of a WiFi blackspot in my home, I invested in Powerline adaptors to extend the signal. I found, however, that this could still be a bit flaky so invested in this adaptor to hardwire the Fire Stick to the Internet via ethernet with the advantage of not having to run metres of cabling through my house. This solution had worked really well and I've only had to do a Powerline reset once or twice when there's been an issue with connection.
I would highly recommend this little adaptor, which I hasten to add can only be used with the new version of the Fire Stick (with Alexa), if liked me you experience problems with WiFi range at home and need a more secure connection to the Internet for uninterrupted Amazon Video watching.


Better than the Wi-Fi

Works well. My Wi-Fi connection on the stick is unreliable (seems t be the stick not my wireless setup) so this solved the problem.



I bought this because I recently bought a new TV which insists on streaming in HD always! It has an Amazon
Prime button ON the TV remote and functions as an app, therefore there are no settings on this version of the app (the inbuilt with the TV one) which allow you via ‘settings’ to reduce the quality if you’re short on data allowances. But the firestick didn’t like my wifi and so I was stuck!

I therefore bought one of these gadgets, connected my firestick via it, then use THIS on the new tv, and I can then alter the streaming as per normal (the firestick AND most apps have the ability to lower streaming via ‘settings’, but, for some reason, on my new TV, there is now way to lower it easily and it was literally gobbling up my data at 6GB per hour.

This works fantastically. Easy to install (just plug it all in) but don’t forget to buy a new ethernet cable if you don’t already have one to use!

I am so happy with this and will probably buy another one so I can stream via wired internet on my other tv as the picture comparison isn’t worth making - it’s FANTASTIC via a wired connection, wobbly and blurry via wifi.

I use my firestick mostly for live streaming the tennis.

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